Alice Russell: The Real Thing

Alice Russell is boring, in a good way: Aidin Vaziri | Alice Russell knows she’s boring. Unlike the other British soul sirens who have made their way over here in the past few years, the 33-year-old singer has never gone to rehab, won any television singing competitions or even been photographed by paparazzi stumbling half naked out of some dodgy bar. “My life is so boring I’m falling asleep right now talking about it!” Russell exclaims, calling last week from a tour stop in Pittsburgh. “I know things like that are good for PR, but I’m getting old now and my hips are giving out.” Press hard enough, however, and she will come clean about a little recreational pill popping. “I keep limber with fish oil tablets,” says Russell, who headlines two nights at Yoshi’s San Francisco this week. “I don’t think you can OD on them but maybe people will come see me for the fish breath. I think that’s going to break me through.” Continue reading.


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