Pop Quiz: Fall Out Boy

Aidin Vaziri | It’s understandable how one might think Pete Wentz was the front man for Fall Out Boy. After all, the group’s eyeliner-wearing bass player is the one who’s married to tabloid-princess Ashlee Simpson. He’s the one who named his kid Bronx Mowgli Wentz. He’s also the one with the funny haircut, vanity record label, custom clothing line, buzzing Twitter account and big mouth. But it’s actually singer Patrick Stump’s gut-wrenching bellow that has made the multiplatinum Illinois quartet the band of choice for emo teens everywhere. Fall Out Boy promotes its fifth and latest album, “Folie á Deux,” on Tuesday at the San Jose Event Center. We spoke with Stump by phone from Munich.

Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy
Q: A lot of reviews from the European tour say that Pete Wentz is acting like the front man and you’re just blending into the background. Is that by choice?
A: No, I don’t think that’s true. That says the writers of those reviews just want to go and hack at Pete Wentz. We are all putting on a show. Pete is much more reserved onstage than people think. But the writers don’t give a s- about the rest of the band and have no interest in reviewing the show. They just want to write a think piece on the power of celebrity or something stupid.
Q: You have to admit it’s a great excuse to write about Ashlee, Bronx, guyliner and tight pants.
A: There’s no Ashlee. There’s no Bronx. There is no guyliner. Yes, we do wear tight pants. That’s what the kids do these days. I get asked all the time, “Is it weird that Pete gets all the attention?” Yes, but not for me. Continue reading.


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