Pop Quiz: Lily Allen

Aidin Vaziri | On her second album, “It’s Not Me, It’s You,” Lily Allen takes on topics as wide-reaching as drugs, politics, celebrity culture, paparazzi and premature ejaculation. She’s well qualified, too. Judging by the frequent tabloid headlines, the exhibitionist 23-year-old British pop star has been living life at high speed since her debut release, “Alright, Still,” came out three years ago. But as the lyrics on her latest hit, “The Fear,” indicate – “I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore” – it might be time for change. We stopped her long enough to find out.

Lily Allen
Q: My favorite headline last week was: “Lily Allen vomits in Glasgow.”
A: That’s so not true. I don’t vomit. I can drink. I’m not a vomiter – and certainly not after my first show on my three-week tour. It’s annoying when people write that stuff because it makes me have this reputation that just isn’t.
Q: Really? I wish people would write things like that about me.
A: I used to be like that, but I can’t now. It’s too much of a workload. What’s so stupid about that whole story is the only time I was in Glasgow I was walking out of the venue to my tour bus, which was about 2 meters away.
Q: Do you need to drink before you get onstage?
A: I don’t need to drink before I get onstage, but I like to have a couple of glasses of wine, definitely. Just because the nature of performing a gig is you’re in a room with 3,000 drunk people, so you want to be kind of like on their level. If you go into that situation completely sober, then you’ve got a completely different vibe from everyone else. Continue reading.


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