Review: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, ‘It’s Blitz!’

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, ‘It’s Blitz!’: Aidin Vaziri | Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner recently confessed that he was pushed into dropping his instrument of choice in favor of synthesizers for “It’s Blitz!” It’s hard not to reason that, after spilling her guts on the band’s previous album, the bruised and beautiful “Show Your Bones,” singer Karen O was ready for some lighter fare. But the Yeahs’ third album swings a little too hard in the wrong direction. The group that made its name using rock ‘n’ roll’s most primitive elements – loud yelps, spastic guitar freak-outs and bashed beats – now sounds like a trio of robots. The opening track and first single, “Zero,” is so icy it could have graced a sex scene on “Miami Vice,” and the album’s centerpiece, “Skeletons,” is more ponderous than inspired. Bring back the chaos.

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