Pop Quiz: Glasvegas

Aidin Vaziri | Glasvegas knows what it takes to make great rock ‘n’ roll music: leather jackets, loud guitars, black Wayfarers, distortion pedals and Phil Spector’s sadistic production style. After releasing its self-titled debut album this year to much praise, the Scottish quartet returns to the States for a headlining tour, bringing with it gut-busting United Kingdom hits such as “Daddy’s Gone” and “It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry.” We spoke with the group’s singer and main songwriter, James Allan, in anticipation of the band’s sold-out Thursday appearance at the Great American Music Hall.

James Allan of Glasvegas
Q: When Lisa Marie Presley came to Scotland last year you took her on a tour of the local prisons. Are all your dates that exciting?
A: We just met up in a pub and made a night of it. We got drunk. That’s what happened, really.
Q: Now you can check “drinking and going to jail with Elvis’ daughter” off your to-do list.
A: That was one thing I didn’t think was actually supposed to happen to me. It makes the world seem really small.
Q: You recruited your drummer, Caroline McKay, out of a local shop. Were you just trying to get into her pants?
A: You’re the first person who has asked me that. I would say, if anything, it was her trying to get with me. I can’t even believe you asked me that.Continue reading.


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