Live Review: Britney Spears at Oracle Arena

Britney Spears, ‘Circus’ come to town: Aidin Vaziri | Most cultures bury their dead, but here, we lavish them with hordes of backup dancers, expensive stylists and the best Swedish pop hits money can buy just to prop them up on a stage and watch them entertain us. So it goes with Britney Spears, who, despite all outward signs of being unable to count to 11, much less headline a big-budget revue, has been getting dragged around the country for the past two months to promote her sixth album, “Circus.” Then again, whoever is in charge of Spears’ affairs these days has gone to great lengths to make sure people actually pay very little attention to Spears. At her sold-out concert at Oakland’s Oracle Arena on Wednesday, the beleaguered 27-year-old tabloid pet was the least interesting part of the show – a wobbly figure making very little effort to lip-sync along to the mediocre songs from her most recent releases while all around her acrobats, clowns, contortionists and magicians offered a dramatic re-enactment of a real big-top spectacular. Continue reading.

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