Pop Quiz: Chris Cornell

Aidin Vaziri | To say that Chris Cornell’s longtime fans have had an objection to his new direction would be a bit of an understatement. On “Scream,” the third solo release from the former Soundgarden and Audioslave front man, producer Timbaland’s hip-hop beats, digital bleeps and sexed-up choruses push aside Cornell’s trademark guitar riffs and paint-peeling howls – and then there’s the cameo by Justin Timberlake. The album, which features the single “Part of Me,” has also received a sound thrashing from critics, but the singer is unrepentant, saying that change only makes him better.

Chris Cornell
Q: So you weren’t deliberately trying to make a break with your past with “Scream”?
A: For me, this one was a matter of circumstance, really. I just happened to be on a phone with this guy, and we were having a conversation, and it leads to the concept of making an album, and I’m just open to the concept. We were both empowered to make the decision to do it, and we did it. I’ve definitely made hard turns musically and directionally in my career – unexpected ones and unpredictable ones – but this is the hardest in terms of maybe sending fans from different periods of my career into shock. Continue reading.


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