Pop Quiz: Melody Gardot

Aidin Vaziri | Melody Gardot has good reason to punctuate everything she does these days with lavish Hollywood strings. Just five years after she was nearly killed by a hit-and-run driver, the 24-year-old Philadelphia jazz vocalist is back with a second album, “My One and Only Thrill,” a string-laden affair produced by Larry Klein, famous for his work with Joni Mitchell. It’s the follow-up to Gardot’s low-key debut, “Worrisome Heart,” which became a left-field success last year, topping the Amazon album charts and earning the singer fans in unlikely places.

Melody Gardot
Q: The first album must have done really well.
A: I had a choice to spend a little or spend a lot on this album. I just happen to have expensive taste. I don’t know the relative definition of “well.” I don’t experience that the way someone watching it from the outside would. I didn’t know my songs were on the radio until I heard them.
Q: Didn’t somebody tell you?
A: I’m oblivious, and it’s a little bit by choice. Friends were texting me that they heard me at such-and-such airport or they heard me in Starbucks. I remember I was in the wine aisle at Ralph’s this summer and a song came on the radio. I started telling the security guard, “That’s me! I better get two wine bottles.” I have become supermarket music. Continue reading.


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