Pop Quiz: Ziggy Marley

Aidin Vaziri | Ziggy Marley, the eldest son of the late reggae musician Bob Marley, returns this week with his third solo album, “Family Time.” A collection of children’s tunes, the disc features guest spots from boldfaced names such as Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Jack Johnson and Jamie Lee Curtis. But Marley says it was his own children – all five – who really inspired him to make it.

Ziggy Marley
Q: Did you bring your kids into the studio while you were making it?
A: I brought all the toys my kids have to decorate the studio and then we invited my daughter and 50 of her friends on the first day to bless us with the kids’ spirit. That’s why on the first song you hear my wife say, “Judah, you want some pizza?” It was the best recording session ever.
Q: What did it mean to sing “Three Little Birds” on the White House lawn on Easter?
A: I felt it was important to sing “Three Little Birds” and “Love Is My Religion” in that setting. In that political sense, I’m kind of my father’s envoy, as well as representing myself. It felt like a good thing to be there. Continue reading.


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