On Tour, Coldplay Gives It Away

Aidin Vaziri | Coldplay is back on the road this summer on the final leg of its huge “Viva La Vida” tour. Just days before the group landed in America last month, singer Chris Martin gave us a call to talk confetti butterflies, stage fright and the totally bonkers idea to give everyone who attends the shows a free copy of a new live album, “LeftRightLeftRightLeft.”

Chris Martin on Coldplay’s freebies
Q: You’ve been on the road quite a lot this year. Are you just trying to avoid the family?
A: I’m glad you started with an easy question. From the very beginning of my life, people have always enjoyed it when I was around for a couple of days at a time. So, I think, most people in touring bands are best in small doses. That’s why we turn up in a town, play and then we leave before anyone can get sick of us.
Q: How many confetti butterflies have you gone through on this tour?
A: Well, I’ve got to say it’s up in the millions. It’s a tough dilemma. We’re not unaware that it’s a little untidy, but we also think it looks incredible. I don’t know. You can call me out on that if you like.
Q: Do you still get stage fright?
A: Sometimes I get it within a concert if a particular person’s expression catches me. For example, if I see a guy with his arms folded looking a bit bored, then I get nervous. Only for an instant and then it comes right back. The problem is it’s often my dad. Continue reading.


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