Pop Quiz: Herb Alpert and Lani Hall

Aidin Vaziri | After 30 years of blissful marriage, Herb Alpert and Lani Hall are risking it all by hitting the road together in anticipation of their new jazz album, “Anything Goes,” out this fall. Hall was the lead singer for Sergio Mendes’ chart-topping bossa nova group, Brasil ’66. Alpert is an iconic trumpet player who spent years as the leader of the Tijuana Brass and as a solo artist, winning seven Grammys and selling 75 million albums. He also was the head of A&M Records before venturing into a side career in fine art.

Herb Alpert and Lani Hall
Q: The last time you guys sang together in public wasn’t Miss Piggy involved?
Hall: Oh, God. Wasn’t that cute? You know, that was the first time that character was introduced to the public. But we’ve done a lot together since then. Herb produced most of my solo albums. I’ve come out onstage and done two or three numbers with him whenever he was on tour. Herb is a fine artist. He’s had shows all over the world. We felt it was time now to do something we hadn’t done before. One was perform together and to do jazz.
Q: And you still like each other?
Alpert: More than like. It’s more like love. Continue reading.


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