Live Review: Elvis Costello at Amoeba

Costello pays a visit to Amoeba: Aidin Vaziri | Elvis Costello looked the part when he arrived at the San Francisco Amoeba store for a free concert on Monday to push his new country album, “Secret, Profane & Sugarcane.” With mandolin player Mike Compton on one side and bluegrass guitarist Jim Lauderdale on the other, the 54-year-old English singer-songwriter wore a slight wisp of a mustache, sideburns and gold-framed sunglasses – the kind typically sported by the other Elvis. Shortly before noon, the hundreds of people who had been waiting in a line that snaked around the block filed into the far reaches of the Haight Street record store. There were so many people that even the staff was taken aback. “I’ve never seen so many people turn out for an in-store,” said Amoeba’s co-owner David Prinz. “Especially on a workday.” Continue reading.

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