Pop Quiz: Rancid

Aidin Vaziri | After six years of doing everything but making a new Rancid album, the members of the long-running Bay Area punk group are back in action with “Let the Dominoes Fall.” Recorded at George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound Studio with Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz, along with the usual guitar blasts the new album features a couple of ballads and guest Booker T on Hammond B3 organ. No surprise, really, considering the members spent the years leading up to it working on a variety of projects. We spoke with front man Tim Armstrong and guitarist Lars Frederiksen just before Rancid set off on its current co-headlining tour with Rise Against.

Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen of Rancid
Q: Do you think your fans will ever forgive Tim for working with Pink and Gwen Stefani?
Armstrong: That’s a good question. You got to look at the people that love Rancid. I instinctively knew when I worked with Pink the people that love Rancid, love us as a family member. They’re going to be with us through good and bad. Even if they might be mad at us they still love us. They’re not going to abandon us.
Frederiksen: We never really follow a script or rulebook or anything like that. As a songwriter, what else is Tim going to do? Whether it’s for Pink or Rancid, I think people understand that. We do everything on our gut instinct. We’ve always done things on our own terms anyway. That’s how we live life. That’s what punk rock is. If you’re going to confine yourself in a 12 by 12 box, it’s called a cell. Read more.


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