Pop Quiz: Kenny Chesney

Aidin Vaziri | Kenny Chesney is unstoppable. For the second year in a row, the country music star is bringing 35,000 fans into downtown San Francisco for a headlining show at AT&T Park – seemingly the only artist who can pull off that trick in this economy. He doesn’t even have a new album, just a second greatest-hits set featuring the new single “Out Last Night.” To make things a little more exciting for the Sun City Carnival Tour, Chesney will be zipping over the audience in a flying chair from the future and, once again, turning the entire stadium into a beery party spot complete with tiki bars, mounted fish and parking-lot hoedowns. And you never know who might show up onstage.

Kenny Chesney
Q: You travel with a 235-pound stuffed blue marlin that you caught. Does Marley get his own seat on the bus?
A: He’s got his own road case. He serves no purpose whatsoever. It’s just a thing to have out there that reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. Whenever I get down, I can look up and there’s this 235-pound blue marlin at the side of the stage. Why? Just because we can.
Q: I don’t think Bono does that.
A: You never know. If he catches one he might.
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