Pop Quiz: Asher Roth

Aidin Vaziri | Asher Roth keeps it real. On his first album, “Asleep in the Bread Aisle,” the 23-year-old suburban Pennsylvania rapper drops rhymes about everyday tragedies such as waking up with hair that makes him look like a Troll doll and forgetting his iPod at home. His big hit “I Love College” celebrates the joys of getting an education outside the classroom by dropping science with lines such as “Time isn’t wasted when you’re getting wasted.” His latest, “Lark on My Go-Kart,” focuses on getting lucky in the backseat. Is it any wonder Eminem sounds so paranoid on his new album?

Asher Roth
Q: What were you like in college?
A: I wasn’t a very good student. I didn’t think a lot of stuff I was learning was relevant to my life. There were a couple of good teachers, but most of the teachers would just hand out some dittos. So a lot of teachers I had a beef with. I was real fun loving. Real social. I loved bringing people together.
Q: Did you watch every “Girls Gone Wild” video ever?
A: Nah, I just did the Mardi Gras one.
Q: Is that because you watched it with the volume on?
A: Exactly.
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