Review: Imogen Heap, ‘Ellipse’

Imogen Heap, ‘Ellipse’: Aidin Vaziri | For a while there, it was impossible to watch anything without hearing Imogen Heap. The Brit School graduate’s heavily processed tunes from 2005’s “Speak for Yourself” popped up on the soundtrack for “The O.C,” “Heroes,” “Six Feet Under” … The cycle could easily continue with Heap’s latest, “Ellipse.” While there’s nothing on it quite as dazzling as her breakthrough ballad, “Hide and Seek,” songs such as “Tidal” and “Wait It Out” remain ostensibly weird, wrapped in woozy vocals, futuristic effects and lyrics about tigers’ faces reflecting in full moons, but go down like a warm cup of chamomile tea. She remains a bit of a Laurie Anderson for the modern age, but it’s hard to think of this music as anything more than audio wallpaper designed exclusively for stately Hollywood crying scenes.


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