Brandi Shearer: The Good Fight

Brandi Shearer, bruised, but fighting back: Aidin Vaziri | Two years ago, Brandi Shearer became the showcase artist for the Amoeba Records label, which released her first album, “Close To Dark.” But being the only living act on the roster didn’t work out so well for the San Francisco-based singer-songwriter. “They’re good people but there was just a huge chasm in vision about what I was and what they thought I should be,” she said, during a recent Crissy Field run with her dogs Suki and Maeve. “So they dropped me.” Forced to start over, the Oregon native and Potrero Hill resident sold just about everything she owned on eBay and sank her life savings into the making of the follow-up record, “Love Don’t Make You Juliet,” which arrives in stores next week. Tellingly, she appears on the cover looking like a prizefighter who has been pummeled all shades of black and blue. Read more.


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