Bob Mould, Into The Groove

Older and wiser, Bob Mould still wants to dance: Aidin Vaziri | The beer gut is gone, and so is the greasy pile of hair. In fact, anyone who knew Bob Mould as the disheveled lead singer of Minneapolis punk band Hüsker Dü in the 1980s would barely recognize him now – looking lean, sporting a scholarly beard and speaking in complete sentences. “Isn’t it funny how that happens?” he says, calling from his current home in Washington, D.C. “Do you think it might have had anything to do with the alcohol and drugs and being on the road?” But it’s not just Mould’s recent acquisition of designer polo shirts that has thrown people off. Since his powerhouse trio imploded in 1988, the 48-year-old songwriter has built up one of the most interesting resumes in rock ‘n’ roll, highlighted by experimental techno albums, writing scripts for World Championship Wrestling and keeping a tell-all blog. Sure, he’s also played to form along the way as the former frontman for roaring three-piece Sugar and now as a revered solo artist, but for the past six years or so, Mould’s most unexpected endeavor has kept him the busiest – a gay dance party called Blowoff. Read more.


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