Review: Mew, ‘No More Stories …’

Review: Mew, ‘No More Stories …’: Aidin Vaziri | There are lots of reasons to recoil from Mew: They’re a Danish prog band. The full title of their fifth studio album actually stretches out to a 23-word poem. And they plan to introduce it to America with a six-day multimedia installation in a Los Angeles art facility dubbed, yes, “Mewseum,” shortly after wrapping up tour support for Nine Inch Nails. But set all reservations aside and “No More Stories” is the sound of your brain exploding into a shower of rainbow-colored confetti. Knotty funk guitars stumble over military rhythms, singer Jonas Bjerre wails like a little girl that just came across a two-headed bunny, and the melodies sound like they were lifted from sonar readings. From the warp-speed glam-pop on “Introducing Palace Players” to the inverted Afrobeat of “Hawaii,” if anyone else out there is making more inspired rock music they’re clearly visiting from Jupiter and should immediately be blasted with green lasers.


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