Pop Quiz: Zero 7

Aidin Vaziri | Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker, otherwise known as the laid-back British electronic music outfit Zero 7, would have made millions as A&R men, having used previous albums to expose the world to the vocal talents of such people as Sia and José González. But the group’s fourth studio release, “Yeah Ghost,” which arrives later this month, sees them scaling down the guest list and somehow finding that elusive middle ground between krautrock and soul. The disc features the single “Everything Up (Zizou),” available now. Binns told us about the group’s tricky rebirth.

Henry Binns of Zero 7
Q: So how are you preparing for the arrival of the new album?
A: I went to buy a car, stuff like that.
Q: ou went to buy a car? Is that code for something?
A: No. I’m expecting my fourth child in February. How did that happen?
Q: You’re totally going to get a minivan, aren’t you?
A: Yes. It’s a multi-person vehicle. I’ve reached that stage now. It’s such a dad car. I never thought I would be a Volvo driver, but it’s an off-road thing. That suits my midlife crisis.
Q: You’re totally not cool. Why am I talking to you?
A: Exactly. It is hard to marry up the profession with being the dad, I must admit.
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