Review: Gossip, ‘Music For Men’

Review: Gossip, ‘Music For Men’: Aidin Vaziri | Beth Ditto is one of the best things happening in rock ‘n’ roll right now, and not just because she’s a plus-size lesbian from Arkansas who drops her clothes every time she’s in the vicinity of a camera. On her band’s Rick Rubin-produced major-label debut – arriving a mere decade after the trio formed – the Gossip front woman takes charge even as the bearded Red Hot Chili Peppers/Metallica studio henchman attempts to reign things in. On “Music for Men,” the group’s fourth overall full-length release, Ditto rages magnificently, putting her boot to everything from the punk-funk racket of “Heavy Cross” to the synthetic soul of “Vertical Rhythms” like a cat getting swung around by its tail – and loving every second of the ride.


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