Review: Girls, ‘Album’

Review: Girls, ‘Album’: Aidin Vaziri | You can’t fault Girls for having run out of ideas by the time it came to naming their album. The San Francisco duo put everything it had into the actual music, a body-quaking blast of lo-fi guitar feedback, woozy surf melodies and sun-streaked catharsis. On the opening track, “Lust for Life,” singer Christopher Owens announces over and over that, “I’m just crazy, f- in the head.” It’s not exactly a stretch, considering he was born into a hippie cult, escaped at 16 to live on the streets and now, with musical partner Chet White, boasts an enthusiastic appetite for mind-altering substances. Most of the songs on “Album” document a recent breakup, to heart-rending effect. “I might never get my arms around you, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t try,” he broods on “Lauren Marie,” sounding a bit like a dazed Buddy Holly. But it’s the sprawling “Hellhole Ratrace” that suggests that the band has slyly crafted “Pet Sounds” for a new generation, lazy title and all.


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