Pop Quiz: Beth Ditto of Gossip

Aidin Vaziri | Beth Ditto is vomiting. Not in the good way, either. But with Gossip on tour in support of its breakthrough release, “Music for Men,” the singer can’t really take a day off. Produced by beardy studio wonder Rick Rubin and featuring a staggering disco-punk single called “Heavy Cross,” the album’s chances of measuring up to the singer’s huge persona are certain.

Beth Ditto of Gossip
Q: When you were throwing up earlier, was it the good kind where you got too drunk, or the bad kind, where you ate too many fish sticks?
A: Probably the bad kind, where I had a virus. I don’t know if there is a good kind. Maybe if it’s before you go to bed, but definitely not when you wake up. Actually, now I have a really bad sore throat and a head cold and a fever. It’s been a crazy ride.
Q: Hey, it’s a great excuse to lock yourself in a hotel room and watch bad TV.
A: I wish I had a hotel room! We’re touring in a bus, which is better than a van. But it’s stupid cold in here. Earlier I sneezed and shot all this snot all over my hand, and I was in the top bunk, so I couldn’t even move. I had to wait for someone to walk by and I was like, “Please, somebody give me some toilet paper!”
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