Pop Quiz: Devo

Aidin Vaziri | There are few bands that have released classic albums worth taking on the road and playing from start to finish. Devo has two. At the Regency Ballroom on Friday and Saturday, the new wave pioneers will once again don their energy domes and re-create 1978’s “Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!” and 1980’s “Freedom of Choice,” respectively. Even though the band members have kept busy producing commercials and songs for television shows, Jerry Casale told us that, after this tour, they will release an album of new Devo material. In the meantime, he filled us in on the forthcoming shows.

Jerry Casale of Devo
Q: Is your next record going to sound like your old records?
A: I don’t think we could on purpose channel the past beyond the point of being who we are. We’re not dragging it up front on purpose. Devolution isn’t a weird, shocking idea any more. We’re kind of like the friendly house band on the Titanic. We’re just reclaiming some territory. We’re that familiar face as you’re going down.
Q: That’s the weirdest way I’ve ever heard anyone sell a record.
A: We would never know how to do that anyway.
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