Scene Report: West Fest Celebrates Woodstock

West Fest long on vibe, hazy on record attempt
: Aidin Vaziri | An attempt to top the Guinness world record for largest guitar ensemble, with 3,000 players performing Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” at Sunday’s West Fest concert in Golden Gate Park, fell short by about 2,950 participants – and some of those may have been playing ukuleles. The ragtag guitar ensemble led by Bay Area producer and musician Narada Michael Walden and featuring Hendrix’s brother, Leon, kicked off the free event in Speedway Meadow, planned as a 40th anniversary celebration of Woodstock. It may have been two months late and in the wrong state, but many musicians and fans who remembered or attended the original music festival came out anyway hoping to recapture the spirit of peace and love. If you took a deep breath and squinted hard enough, it really felt like you were having a flashback, and some attendees probably were. Read more.


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