Review: Echo and the Bunnymen, ‘The Fountain’

Review: Echo and the Bunnymen, ‘The Fountain’: Aidin Vaziri | Echo and the Bunnymen are on tour performing their classic 1984 album “Ocean Rain” from start to finish. But for many fans an unexpected highlight of the concerts has been watching the band return for the encore, break free from the past and charge into its vibrant new material. “The Fountain” is the raincoat-clad Liverpool band’s most electrifying set of music in ages, with the opening track “Think I Need It Too” reviving much of the vintage swagger of front man Ian McCulloch (pictured above) and guitarist Will Sergeant’s ability to peel off grand riffs on the spot. “Do You Know Who I Am?” sees the singer insouciantly offering a playback of his own career, “Read it/ Wrote it/ Heard it/ Spoke it/ Made it/ Broke it.” Meanwhile, producer John McLaughlin, best known for his work with short-lived British boy-band Busted, gives songs like “Everlasting Neverendless” and “Drivetime” remarkable pop luster. Who knows? In 20 years, this album could perhaps warrant its own orchestra-abetted outing.


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