Pop Quiz: Paul Banks

Aidin Vaziri | Interpol front man Paul Banks has released a solo album under the name Julian Plenti – it’s called “Julian Plenti Is … Skyscraper.” So, technically, we don’t actually know whom we interviewed, but we got all the important questions about band dynamics, body odor and socks out of the way in advance of his show at the Great American Music Hall.

Paul Banks, a.k.a. Julian Plenti
Q: Did you make a record without Interpol just so you could wear loafers without socks in the promo photos?
A: You know, you’re probably right about that. Someone asked me the other day, “What are you trying to do? Bring loafers without socks back?” In my world it never left.
Q: Is Julian Plenti like a Ziggy Stardust thing?
A: It’s totally a Ziggy Stardust thing. It’s the same person minus some details and plus some exaggerations.
Q: That’s a lot of math. Are you worried people are going to confuse your album with Julian Casablancas’ solo album since you’re both in New York bands that wear ties and, well, the whole Julian thing?
A: You know, no. I’ve been rolling with the Julian for a long time. It’s my middle name. I haven’t heard his record yet, but I’m excited. I’m going to give it some time.
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