Review: Lady Gaga, ‘The Fame Monster’

Review: Lady Gaga, ‘The Fame Monster’: Aidin Vaziri | Anyone who has recently come across the online video clip of stringy haired singer-songwriter Stefani Joanne Germanotta playing a lumbering set of ballads in a dingy New York club five years ago must be baffled by her transformation into the unstoppable pop juggernaut known as Lady Gaga. On this eight-song set that works both as an expansion of her breakthrough album, “The Fame,” and a stand-alone new release, she briefly revisits her pre-sequined past on “Speechless,” a string-laden rock song so labored that you’ll be glad she finally got her hands on a copy of “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B & Back Again).” It’s a minor transgression as the rest of this EP only highlights Gaga’s growing confidence and towering pop instincts, from the pretty, vacant synth hooks of “Dance in the Dark” to the aerobic electro of “Bad Romance.” And when Beyoncé enters the picture on the forceful, platinum-scented kiss-off “Telephone,” you get the sense that we’re going to be seeing those ridiculous outfits for a lot longer than anyone could have possibly anticipated.


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