Pop Quiz: AFI

Aidin Vaziri | The members of AFI will have an easy commute to Live 105’s Not So Silent Night on Friday at Oracle Arena. But how will the Oakland band, which started playing in tiny punk clubs nearly two decades ago, fare on the same stage as fellow kohl-eyed modern-rock mainstays such as Muse and Thirty Seconds to Mars? We asked front man Davey Havok, who is celebrating the release of AFI’s eighth studio album, “Crash Love,” with a new look.

Davey Havok of AFI
Q: Didn’t someone try to steal your shoe the other night when you jumped into the crowd?
A: Yeah. I looked down and he was definitely trying to do that. I can understand it if it’s some lost child who wants to put some candles around it and cry on it. This was some older guy, and I was horrified. I’m glad he didn’t get my shoe because they’re these very limited-edition black sequined Converse shoes that I love. I was like, “What are you doing?”
Q: What if Robert Smith jumped on your head? Wouldn’t you try to take his shoe?
A: No. I mean, I just wouldn’t. That type of autograph, pictures and apparel thievery was not part of what I grew up with. I loved the artists and their music. I would be thrilled to meet them, but the thought of getting a scribble or stealing an article of clothing never occurred or appealed to me.
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