Pop Quiz: The Greatest Hits, 2009

Chris Martin of Coldplay
Q: You’ve been on the road quite a lot this year. Are you just trying to avoid the family?
A: From the very beginning of my life, people have always enjoyed it when I was around for a couple of days at a time. … That’s why we turn up in a town, play and then we leave before anyone can get sick of us.

Colbie Caillat
Q: You’re not really Jack Johnson in drag, are you?
A: You know, I could be. You never know.

Beth Ditto of Gossip
Q: When you were throwing up earlier, was it the good kind where you got too drunk, or the bad kind, where you ate too many fish sticks?
A: Probably the bad kind, where I had a virus.

Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac
Q: How much do you think your robust chest hair had to do with Fleetwood Mac selling those 100 million albums?
A: Wow. I would say none. … I would hope very little. That’s the first time I was asked that. It could have been something I missed.

M. Ward
Q: You’ve worked with Norah Jones, Jenny Lewis, Chan Marshall, Neko Case and Lucinda Williams. Do you have a policy of collaborating only with hot chicks?
A: You know, I’m very happy to let the songs dictate where they want to go and how they want to be produced and what kind of voice they need.
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