Pop Quiz: The Cribs

Aidin Vaziri | With former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr joining their ranks, Britain’s most dangerous band, the Cribs, have stopped breaking stuff long enough to deliver the album of their careers with “Ignore the Ignorant.” Fronted by twins Gary and Ryan Jarman, with their younger brother Ross on drums, on its fourth full-length release the band brilliantly balances punk and poise with tracks like “We Were Aborted” and “Cheat on Me.” The Cribs perform Wednesday at Bimbo’s 365 Club. We spoke with Gary from a tour stop in the wilds of Michigan.

Gary Jarman of the Cribs
Q: The last time I saw the Cribs live, you guys were having a hard deciding what to destroy first, the club or each other. Are things tamer now?
A: Yeah. It’s a frustrating reputation to be seen as a destructive punk band. That’s all I wanted when we started, but I just don’t want to be that one-dimensional. We’ve been trying to highlight the other side of the band more. I think that was just born out of an effort that we never shortchange people. We never thought, “Let’s save ourselves for the big New York show.”
Q: How did you trick Johnny Marr into joining the band?
A: One of the first things Johnny told me when I met him was that he was a fan of the Cribs. We became good friends with a similar ideology and the things we were excited about. I love his playing and I always have. Johnny works the way we do. It was very simple for those reasons. That’s all you look for in a band. We’ve never really thought much about it. We can’t imagine him not being there now.
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