Review: Lil Wayne, ‘Rebirth’

Review: Lil Wayne, ‘Rebirth’: Aidin Vaziri | After more than a half dozen delays, Lil Wayne’s new rock-leaning album is set to arrive just a week before he begins a one-year prison sentence on gun charges. It could just be bad timing, but you get the sense that maybe the executives at the heavily tattooed New Orleans rapper’s record label planned it this way. Wayne is untouchable in the hip-hop world, but on “Rebirth” he tests his musical limits by throwing on Lenny Kravitz’s leather trousers and offering a batch of Auto-Tuned cuts that seem inspired primarily by strip club playlists. He channels Nickelback on the grungy “Paradice,” does apocalyptic metal on “Prom Queen” and revisits the dark days when Limp Bizkit ruled the Earth on the Eminem collaboration “Drop the World.” It’s decent, if you’re into that kind of thing, but it’s hard to imagine this is what people will remember him for while he’s away.


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