Review: Sade, ‘Soldier of Love’

Review: Sade, ‘Soldier of Love’: Aidin Vaziri | Sade’s voice sounds a little huskier on her first studio album since 2000’s “Lovers Rock,” but the British singer hasn’t lost any of her mojo. Her return is marked with another concise, meticulously manicured collection of songs designed primarily to soundtrack wine tastings and make headboards thump. Apart from the title song, “Soldier of Love,” which is layered with stark military rhythms and dramatic guitar chords, the record mostly settles into a familiar groove, matching leisurely verses and tasteful acoustic flourishes with a lingering air of sadness. On highly stylized tunes like “The Moon and The Sky” and “Babyfather,” it feels like no time at all has passed – not only since her last release but her first, 1984’s “Diamond Life.” For those who have depended on Sade’s music as a cheap aphrodisiac over the years that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


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