The Pick-Up Artist

Boot camp teaches bachelors how to score booty: Aidin Vaziri | “You are here to breed,” said British dating coach and author Adam Lyons to his audience of 15 Bay Area bachelors who shelled out a thousand bucks apiece to sharpen their seduction techniques. Lyons, 29, billed as one of the world’s top-ranked pickup artists, hosted an intensive boot camp at the Serrano Hotel last weekend, advising his love-hungry disciples on how to approach women, build attraction and find motivation within. Having transformed himself from a Dungeons & Dragons-obsessed teenager to serial dater of models after picking up a copy of Neil Strauss’ 2005 book, “The Game,” a guide to the strange world of pickup artists, Lyons said he had an innate bond with his students. “We didn’t get the period from 18 to 25 that most guys in college have, running around (and) having loads of sex,” he said, confessing he spent those years wearing capes and wizard hats, which, not surprisingly, aren’t much of a turn-on for the opposite sex. Read more.


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