Pop Quiz: The Damned

Aidin Vaziri | The Damned was the first British punk band to release a single, get on television and tour the United States. It was also the first British punk band that everybody forgot. But the group has been going strong in various incarnations for 35 years and will revive anarchic classics such as “New Rose” and “Smash It Up” next Sunday at Slim’s. It’s a concert best experienced with a loved one, guitarist Captain Sensible says.

Captain Sensible of the Damned
Q: The Damned did everything before everyone. Why isn’t your logo emblazoned all over the T-shirts at Urban Outfitters, like some other bands?
A: We did the punk thing as we saw it and signed with tiny DIY labels. That’s why we’re not so well known. But it’s nice to be still out there doing it. Gigging’s fun.
Q: You’ve had some trouble with keeping your pants on in the past. Think they’ll stay on at this show?
A: I’m going to try real hard to behave myself. I promise. Read more.


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