Review: Wild Beasts, ‘Two Dancers’

Review: Wild Beasts, ‘Two Dancers’: Aidin Vaziri | You know when you’re driving down the freeway and suddenly a cat busts out of its pet carrier in the 747 above your head, kicks open the escape hatch and lands claws out in your lap? That’s pretty much the sound that comes out of Wild Beasts front man Hayden Thorpe’s mouth when he sings – and it’s a total revelation. On the British band’s thrilling second album, his high-pitched croon helps pull together a dynamic, nervy set of tunes that mainline the Talking Heads’ fluid rhythms, Jeff Buckley’s wounded angst and U2’s arena-filling melodies. The sweet quiver works especially well on shimmering songs like “The Fun Powder Plot” and “Hooting and Howling,” and things really take off when it’s paired with bassist Tom Fleming’s huge baritone on the rumbling “All the King’s Men,” a heady and atmospheric song that signals the Beasts’ heavyweight ambitions.


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