Pop Quiz: Tegan and Sara

Aidin Vaziri | It’s no contest: Tegan and Sara Quin are the best lesbian identical twin singer-songwriters from Canada. We’re not the only ones to think so. Neil Young signed them to his label, the White Stripes covered one of their songs and Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla produced their latest album, “Sainthood,” on which the 29-year-old sisters go nuts with Pac-Man-era synthesizers and drum machines. The CD is a long way from its lovelorn predecessor, 2007’s “The Con,” but Tegan (the older one by eight minutes), who lives in Vancouver, tells us that’s a good thing.

Q: I’ve been told this is your grown-up record.
A: Every single time we put out a record, people say it’s our grown-up record.
Q: That’s good. At least you’re moving in the right direction. Does playing the old songs bring back bad memories?
A: Yeah, totally. When you’ve written a great song, it has the ability to transport you back to the place you were when you wrote it. For a song that’s depressing, it can be really hard. But it’s also gratifying to know you don’t feel that way anymore.
Q: Maybe it would help if you didn’t play 2 1/2-hour sets.
A: I went out to dinner with my girlfriend and she said, “You look really tired.” I’m actually kind of excited for when we get to do some opening gigs and festival shows later in the year, where we have only 45 minutes to play. It’s daunting being an artist with six albums in 12 years. I feel so responsible to put on something amazing every night. Not an Olympic Opening Ceremony or anything, but I want to be that Tegan and Sara people connected to six or seven years ago, even though there are more people in the room now.


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