Pop Quiz: Salvador Santana

Aidin Vaziri | Salvador Santana has already put in his time on arena stages and at red-carpet ceremonies. But after years of riding alongside his father, the multiplatinum Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Carlos Santana, Salvador is ready to try doing things from the ground up. The 26-year-old Bay Area native just released his first solo album, “Keyboard City” (he released an album with the Salvador Santana Band two years ago), which features cameos by Beastie Boys keyboardist Money Mark and rapper Del the Funky Homosapien.

Salvador Santana
Q: After touring arenas with him, are you a little bummed you have to go back to playing clubs now?
A: I’m the type of person who plays better when there’s a sea of people. I get more anxiety if I have to play in front of 30 people. At the same time, I’m just honored people take the time to check me out, check out the music I’m trying to express.
Q: Have you had a chance to get Sean Lennon or Jakob Dylan on the phone for a good mutual therapy session?
A: I have not met Sean Lennon. I would love to hang out with him and share a few stories. We did a show with the Wallflowers a few years back in Atlantic City and, as we were coming off the stage, Jakob Dylan just grabbed my hand and said, “Hey, I really like what you’re doing.” Everyone handles it differently. People always say, “You got big shoes to fill.” Yeah, but they’re not my dad’s shoes. They’re my own shoes I’ve got to fill.
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