Pop Quiz: Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols

Aidin Vaziri | After getting yanked off the air when Los Angeles’ Indie 103.1 went under last year, Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones’ eclectic radio show, “Jonesy’s Jukebox,” has resurfaced on IAmRogue.com, a Web site run by film producer Ryan Kavanaugh. From his Southern California home Jones tells us about his return to radio, the biggest benefit of going online and his enviable technique for wrangling A-list celebrities for his daily broadcasts.

Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols
Q: They just can’t keep you off the air, can they?
A: It’s the Internet, though, so I don’t know if that’s really like being on the air.
Q: It is, because nobody listens to the real radio anymore.
A: I would put the radio on if there was something worth listening to. In L.A. a lot of people drive, so there’s a lot of people listening in cars. When they’re at home, I’m not so sure, to be honest. The one good thing I like about being on the Internet is you don’t have to worry about swear words.
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