Pop Quiz: Charlotte Gainsbourg

Aidin Vaziri | After suffering a cerebral hemorrhage that nearly killed her, Charlotte Gainsbourg did what anyone would do – she checked into a Los Angeles studio with Beck and made an album inspired by the sounds she heard during her brain scans. Now the revered French actress (and daughter of Gallic pop icon Serge Gainsbourg and British singer-actress Jane Birkin) is taking that recording, “IRM,” on her first tour ever.

Charlotte Gainsbourg
Q: How did having a hole drilled in your head change you?
A: Well, it gave me insulation. I was also very attracted to those MRI sounds. It was the first thing I thought of when I was in that machine – I remember thinking what I could do with those sounds.
Q: Was there some profound revelation you got from being near death?
A: I hoped there would be at the very start, but when we come out of something so shocking it only lasts for a week and then you go back to normal.
Q: So you still get annoyed if someone’s bumper is hanging over your driveway?
A: Yes. I also stopped smoking, so I have been very nervous and irritated. Read more.


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