Pop Quiz: Josh Rouse

Aidin Vaziri | Since moving to Spain five years ago to live with his wife, Josh Rouse has let his music slowly drift away from its mournful Americana roots. But on the Nebraska native’s latest studio album, “El Turista,” the influence of his adopted country’s sunny beaches, afternoon siestas and all-night wine bars takes full hold. Rouse sings in Spanish, revels in Brazilian sambas and even covers a classic by Cuban composer Bola de Nieve.

Josh Rouse
Q: Is that why you called the album “El Turista,” because you feel like you don’t belong anywhere?
A: Kind of. It had to do with that. Living in a different country and speaking a different language, you’re always going to be the foreign exchange student. You’re always missing something that’s deeper in the culture. But the idea to do the Spanish-language thing, well, it’s just part of my life. I speak it every day. I thought, “Why not try a couple of songs in Spanish?” You’ve got to challenge yourself and do something different.
Q: The best part is now you’ll totally be up for a couple of Latin Grammys.
A: I would love that. I’m waiting for that call.
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