Rykarda Parasol: True Blood

Rykarda Parasol’s ‘For Blood and Wine’: Aidin Vaziri | Rykarda Parasol is slowly navigating the narrow aisles of Green Apple Books. We’re here to talk about the weird and wonderful songs on the San Francisco rock musician’s second album, “For Blood and Wine,” and what she has planned for her Saturday show at Cafe Du Nord. But at the moment her eyes are scanning the rickety shelves, looking for a tome by Parisian poet Paul Verlaine. Parasol explains that she’s recently taken up French. “Mostly because I want to read his work in its original form,” she says. The striking Bay Area native with two-toned hair is not one for doing things in half measures. She writes, records and releases her own music. But it doesn’t stop there. She also designs the album sleeves, books the shows and until recently handled most of her own promotion duties. “I’m not a band of four people, so it can be overwhelming at times,” Parasol says. “But I’m crafty, so I’ve been able to do what I can.” Read more.


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