Review: Court Yard Hounds

Review: Court Yard Hounds: Aidin Vaziri | The Dixie Chicks are making music again. Well, two-thirds of the band is, anyway. While the multiplatinum-selling country trio hasn’t exactly broken up (it’s spending the summer on tour with the Eagles), sisters Martie Maguire and Emily Robison take a side step with Court Yard Hounds. The latter assumes singing duties on the group’s self-titled first album, sounding uncannily like Sheryl Crow. The heartbroken lyrics might dwell on Robinson’s recent divorce, but the soothing slide guitars on “I Miss You” and gentle twang of “The Coast” are pure gloss. Despite an impressive surge of guitars on “Delight (Something New Under the Sun),” the tunes largely lack the homespun feel and bite of the Chicks’ last release, 2006’s Grammy-sweeping “Taking the Long Way.” Maybe this is what Natalie Maines meant when she said she wasn’t ready to make nice?


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