Pop Quiz: Liars

Aidin Vaziri | Liars front man Angus Andrew likes to think of the band’s new album, “Sisterworld,” as a postcard from Los Angeles. Specifically, all the parts you would never dare set foot in. The Brooklyn noise-pop trio relocated there for the making of its fifth studio recording, where the Australian singer and guitarist – fresh from a spell in Berlin – promptly experienced the kind of culture shock that comes with not seeing Paris Hilton around every corner. Andrew’s disappointment resulted in a collection of barbarically dark and violent songs, even by the Liars’ ungodly standards. The group, which recently helped Beck out on his tribute to INXS’ 1987 album, “Kick,” performs at Slim’s.

Angus Andrew of Liars
Q: So you don’t think Los Angeles is everything it’s cracked up to be?
A: Basically, the idea that L.A. is supposed to be this paradise with celebrities and Hollywood and good-looking people is completely wrong. It’s much bigger and darker than that. I found out that this is definitely the scariest place I’ve ever lived in my life, and I’ve lived in quite a few places.
Q: But where else are we going to put Tila Tequila?
A: That’s the other thing I thought about. In L.A., because of the historical idea that you go out and make it, people still congregate here. But the reality is still true, where only a very small percentage of people make it. The largest pool of rejected people in the world must be here.
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