Review: Band of Horses, ‘Infinite Arms’

Review: Band of Horses, ‘Infinite Arms’: Aidin Vaziri | If you caught any of their perpetually hazy live performances over the past few years, you wouldn’t guess Band of Horses had this in them. But after two solid if slightly subdued Sub Pop releases, the South Carolina group is making a dash for the big time, making the major-label leap. Horses are playing a slew of arena dates with Pearl Jam. And then there are the songs on “Infinite Arms.” On Band of Horses’ third album, everything is amplified. The high voice of Benjamin Bridwell (pictured) pushes to the front, while Crazy Horse-style riffs lift up “Laredo” and punchy rhythms cut through “Compliments.” The record’s crowning moment arrives in the form of “Factory,” an orchestral anthem that finds the singer grumbling about the miserable life of a rock star just as he’s about to turn into one. “It’s temporary, this place I’m in/ I permanently won’t do this again,” he sings. “My belongings scattered all across the hotel floor.” Better get used to it.


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