Pop Quiz: k.d. lang

Aidin Vaziri | Even though she has spent the past few years focused on Tibetan Buddhism and campaigning for animal rights, k.d. lang’s golden voice can still melt hearts. The 48-year-old Canadian singer made a tentative return to the spotlight this year with the release of the career retrospective “Recollection” and a showstopping performance at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia. On Saturday, the four-time Grammy winner reunites with her sometime duet partner Tony Bennett for a headlining set the Black and White Ball at Davies Symphony Hall.

k.d. lang
Q: When was the last time you and Tony Bennett shared a stage?
A: We did a fundraiser last year, so not too long ago.
Q: You should really get together more often. It seems as if every time you’re in the same room, someone hands you a Grammy.
A: Yeah, it’s a good friendship.
Q: What do you guys talk about over dinner?
A: We talk politics. We talk art. A lot. We like to hang out.
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