Pop Quiz: Jakob Dylan

Aidin Vaziri | Jakob Dylan is on the road with his second solo album, “Women + Country.” He’s got a new band, Three Legs, that includes backup singers Neko Case and Kelly Hogan. He’s got a new trad-country sound. He’s also got the makings for a comeback. The new record was produced by T Bone Burnett, who also oversaw the Wallflowers’ 1996 breakthrough album, “Bringing Down the Horse,” which sold 4.3 million copies.

Jakob Dylan
Q: Is there anything you miss about having your face on VH1 every five minutes?
A: No, not really. It’s a totally different world now. I don’t think they put anybody on like that anymore. Even if they were doing that, I don’t think it applies to me anymore. I didn’t watch that stuff at the time. I was out on tour the whole time. I didn’t see any of that.
Q: There was a picture of you in Starbucks this morning with a bald eagle perched on your shoulder. Please tell me it was real.
A: I can’t really answer that. But it’s funny, because some people have said that’s the best promo photo they’ve ever seen, and some people have said, “What the hell is going on with that?” I guess that’s what you want – something polarizing. At least it’s not boring. My only problem with it is that (the eagle) looks more alive than I do.
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