Review: The Dead Weather, ‘Sea of Cowards’

Review: The Dead Weather, ‘Sea of Cowards’: Aidin Vaziri | You’ve probably lost track of Jack White’s extracurricular activities by now. But the racket the White Stripes front man makes remains unmistakable. On the second album by his third side project (not counting the four or five other records he worked on as a key collaborator), White is back behind the drums, pounding out tumultuous blues-rock rhythms and barking the occasional verse as Kills lead singer Alison Mosshart digs deeper into her role as the swaggering, hard-living lush. The songs on “Sea of Cowards” are even noisier and more obnoxious than those on the group’s first set. Choppy psychedelic organs howl through the single “Gasoline.” The two vocalists ferociously shout at each other over super-fuzzy riffs on the excellent “Die by the Drop.” And “Hustle and Cuss”? You don’t even need to listen to it to know that it’s going to sound like Curtis Mayfield jamming with the Stooges (which, incidentally, it does). Amazing.


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