Pop Quiz: Tracey Thorn

Aidin Vaziri | Everything But the Girl stopped making records more than a decade ago so Tracey Thorn could start being a mom. But it’s hard to keep that sadly beautiful voice down. Even though she and partner Ben Watt recently got married after 28 years together, Thorn has once again put domestic life on hold for a new solo album, “Love and Its Opposite.” Only this time, the 47-year-old British singer is doing it her way, with songs about daytime soaps and midlife crises and a strict no-tour policy. But you can catch her frequent missives on Twitter. That’s almost the same, right?

Tracey Thorn
Q: Ben started a nightclub almost immediately after your kids were born. Where should I send his “Father of the Year” mug?
A: It was no coincidence. I couldn’t blame him for getting out of the house. But being a DJ is quite an easy lifestyle. He manages to have a complete day to be around us, and then he goes out at night while everyone is sleeping.
Q: Do you think you were finally able to get married because you stopped working together in Everything But the Girl?
A: That’s the balance, isn’t it? We at least have a sense of some separateness in our lives. Once you’re a parent, you need that. You need some space to exist as an individual. People always ask me how we managed to stay together for so long. Well, it’s not always easy. Sometimes it’s really difficult. We’ve done it for a lot of years. It was just time to work in a separate environment.
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