Review: Sun Kil Moon, ‘Admiral Fell Promises’

Review: Sun Kil Moon, ‘Admiral Fell Promises’: Aidin Vaziri | Mark Kozelek has been making incredibly intimate music for close to two decades. On his latest release under the Sun Kil Moon moniker, the San Francisco singer-songwriter has found a way to draw his fans even closer – “Admiral Fell Promises” is his first album that’s recorded entirely acoustically, just his weary voice over a nylon-stringed guitar. In a way, the record’s dreamy tone is a throwback to his early work with the 4AD band Red House Painters, forsaking the electric Crazy Horse-style blowouts of recent years for more hushed, contemplative musings. Many of the songs, such as “Sam Wong Hotel” and “Third and Seneca,” serve as postcards from his various journeys, laced with beautiful scenery, lingering heartbreak and some truly exquisite fingerpicking. Close your eyes and you can almost imagine him sitting in the room with you, serenading you for an hour or so with his flamenco-flavored flourishes: “I long for one more day with you in my life.” Someone got the Esteban DVD last Christmas.


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